Mark Making of Public Life

Leanne Christie

June 6 - July 3

Opening Reception: 2:00pm - 5:00pm, June 6, 2015

Vancouver, BC -Viridian Gallery opens its second solo-show in Coal Harbour with an exhibition of works by Vancouver based oil artist. The exhibition Mark Making of Public Life, illustrates Christie’s exploration of the medium - more specifically, focusing on the hierarchy of techniques within painting as a medium. Defining new hierarchies between elements such as brushstrokes, compositions and colours, without turning towards abstraction, Christie mainly explores familiar wanderings of Vancouver city that reflects her fascination for the urban environment. Her scenes often allude to the possibility of a narrative within the imagery thus allowing the viewer a chance to engage in further contemplation and dialogue. Her distinctive use of white and expressive brushwork allows her works to rest on the cusp of abstraction without forgoing truthfulness in representation of the subject.

Painting in the 21st century brings up the question of faith - the faith in medium. Disregarding the range of labels as mentioned by Thomas Lawson in his article in Artforum (October, 1981) Last Exit:Painting, with the approach of late 20th century Modernist paintings, a need for closeness resulted in the denial of history and the presence of the artist was emphasized.

Christie’s practice goes beyond that. Using painting as her medium of choice, not only does she bring awareness to the medium of painting for the sake of painting through defining hierarchies, Christie also manages to provide a critique of production - best defined as an artist’s process conceptually and technically.

The Viridian Gallery is pleased to present this unique viewing experience. With this opportunity, viewers will find the chance to engage in dialogue about the urban fabric of Vancouver and the growth of the city. The narrative brought up by Christie brings to mind the narrative that each street and corner has witnessed - the growth of the city forever encapsulated in the footsteps along the concrete sidewalk.

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