Harmony in Disarray

Carla Tak

July 9 - August 5

Opening Reception: 6:00pm - 9:00pm, July 9, 2015

Featuring paintings by Canadian artist Carla Tak, Harmony in Disarray shows works that span Tak's career. Allowing her intuition to dictate her practice, Tak emphasizes her image-making process through a variety of methods. Her dynamic range of colour palettes include anything between bold impasto colours to muted applications of whites, blacks and grays. Carla Tak’s work offers bodily, subjective experiences through varying painterly marks drawn from intuition, at times graffiti-like, at times lyrical. Tak’s works balances on the edge of intuition and reason, utilizing patterns and breaks on the painted surface to show full harmony in disarray.

Image: Untitled 12/2015, Oil on Panel, 56" x 50"

Carla Tak is a successful self-taught artist whose practice focuses on abstraction in the realm of painting. Stylistically, Tak’s paintings ranges from bold impasto colour palettes to muted applications of whites, blacks and grays, though she does not limit herself in style. Tak emphasises her process in her practice and creates her images largely based off of intuition. Refraining from titling her works allows a more subjective response to the materiality and form presented, which allows impressions of color, line, and composition to become more about the works’ presence in relationship with the viewer’s body.

Tak currently lives and works in Vancouver, and her work is held in collections in Canada and the United States.

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