Jian-Jun An
Qiangli Liang

SEP 28 - NOV 11

Opening Reception: 6:00pm - 9:00pm, SEP 28, 2018

Viridian Gallery is pleased to present a special section of works by two artists, Jianjun An who have been living in Canada for more than 10 years and a bronze sculpture of Qiangli Liang who settled in Holland for more than 20 years. " Contemplation – Selected Works by Jian-Jun An & Qiangli Liang" will be held at the exhibition opening reception at the gallery on September 28 at 6 pm. Please join us and share the joy of arts with artists and audience.

In the rapidly movements and fluctuating international situation, artists are particularly sensitive to personal identity, geographical transformation, immigration experience and cultural spirit, and they discuss and raise questions through their own artistic creation, from the perspective of society, history, culture and other aspects. It raises the question and significance of the policy environment rules that people reflect and test. With its "immigration" features, Vancouver brings together many immigrants from all over the world, and has long formed a unique multicultural community, carrying the traditional thoughts and experiences of each of them, facing the living and native places, the integration and resistance, and the conflicts and contradictions of various realistic cultures. Gradually condensation sublimation form a new thinking cultural values. Jianjun An settled in Canada for more than 10 years; Liang settled in the Netherlands for more than 20 years, they experienced their own unique migration mentality, the transformation of personal identity, the artist's cultural identity of the floating of the problems arising from the problem, as well as the impact of the new environment and other phenomena, The two artists express their art in their own way and in the way they choose.

Jianjun An graduated from Shandong Institute of Arts and Crafts, was educated in Chinese painting Master Zhang Yi and other famous professors. After graduating one straight in the domestic painting creation and design more than 20 years, has been deeply Chinese social situation and the impact of Chinese traditional culture and influence on his later oil painting creation has an important impact. During 80’s and 90’s, the aesthetic spirit of the oil painting in China has undergone great changes, Jianjun An’s early creation thought concerned society, reflected social reality and criticized the lack of human nature. 2005 immigrated to Canada to settle in Vancouver, specializing in oil painting and personal pursuit of art. 2006-2010 created a series of immigrant theme of realistic theme works. This period works through the real reflection of China's new immigrant tide in the early 21st century and the process of immigrant's life and spiritual transformation. From the beginning of the landing of immigrants, by the mainstream social exclusion, life gap, Heart gap, social status of the world, to gradually this should be, to rise again to success, these works are the struggle of the new immigrants history, the Chinese move to reproduce the process of the emotions. Observing the painting of Jianjun, can see his state at that time, he through each painting, directly express his feelings at that time, each painting is his most representative of the real expression of each period. Jianjun An’s creative motive is very inner feeling, he always faithful to his own heart, as long as the feelings and thought. He must have the feeling of having the intrinsic spirit of the essence of the touch when he was painting. His paintings show the various points of view in the key periods of his immigrant journey, and according to the circumstances of the environment and other things that have been observed and created, the work condenses the inner energy, which is direct and full of appeal, impact and spirit energy. He used painting to express the immigrant mentality of his time, which directly embodies the immigration mentality.

Born in Guangzhou, P.R. China, Qiangli Liang graduated from the printmaking Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1989 and moved to Holland as a professional artist in 1990, and has been fully affirmed and welcomed by the collection and gallery industry in the past more than 20 years in the European art field. Liang early became a member of Pulchri studio, the famous Artist Association of The Hague in the Netherlands, and was awarded the "Jobe" theme Gold Award at the Amsterdam Bible Museum, Nmb-amstelland/pulchri Art Association Award, received by Her Majesty the Queen of Holland. The Dutch National Art Foundation (Vlaardingen) has been awarded the artist Fund for the past three years as a portrait of the mayor of the Netherlands and a permanent collection and display of the Netherlands ' new realist school of painting. He lives in a completely different cultural background, the problems and effects of the floating of cultural identities are common phenomena of any immigrants. He chooses to express his art in an introspective manner in an indirect oars. He graduated in major of printmaking, painting mainly in the Netherlands. Sculpture form of the creation of he is his favorite form of creation, Liang through the body of the media to seek the aesthetic needs and expression of emotion, casting bronze sculpture series with "Lost, weightlessness, uncertainty, dislocation," and other feelings, through the specific shape can meet the artist's own feelings of this feeling of the desire to convert to another kind of power, to achieve spiritual comfort. In the sculpture details, he intentionally put his body structure itself may produce expression elements removed, avoid too much detail will distract the attention of the viewer, very precise choice to restore the body's essence. Each part of the body, the delicate link of the bone muscle skin and the transition of the relationship will bring out the endless rhythm of life, will trigger him and the viewer unlimited passion and inspiration, he described his creation process as a tightrope, in the passion and reason, dynamic and static, just and soft, between man and God through.

About Sen Wong, curator
Based in Vancouver, Sen has about 20 years’ experience in the art management field in Vancouver; HK & P.R. China. She was the Executive Director of Dongguan 21 Space Art Museum, Guangdong, P.R. China during 2011-2014. She worked for Art Beatus Gallery (Vancouver) & Annie Wong Art Foundation Hong Kong during 1996 to 2010. For media press enquires: please contact: Sen Wong Tel: (778) 895-2283 Email:

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