Leanne Christie

Dec 8 - Jan 27

Opening Reception: 6:00pm - 9:00pm, Dec 8, 2018

Viridian Gallery is pleased to present a special section of works by Vancouver local artist, Leanne M Christie. “Urban – Selected Works by Leanne M Christie" will be held at the exhibition opening reception at gallery on Dec 8 at 6 pm. Please join us and share the joy of arts with artists and audience.

Urban Oil painter Leanne M Christie has a reputation for complex paintings, built with powerful brushwork and the sophisticated manipulation of white. She paints full time in her Vancouver studio and her daily 50km cycling commute from her home in Coquitlam, gives Christie an intimate kinship with the flow and stories of the urban streets. The unrehearsed transitory moments provide the abundant source of her paintings. Born and raised in South Africa, Christie moved to the Canadian West Coast in the late 2000’s after a period of 10 years abroad. A period that had originated as a 2 week holiday after the completion of her Bachelor of Fine Art from Rhodes University. Christie’s paintings are at first understood by the viewer whose participation is then demanded by her relentless harnessing of the communicative properties unique to oil painting. The distilled open relationship between the painter and the slow drying oils is the unique characteristic of the medium that Christie burrows into to activate the complexity that the alchemy of passive and active time develops. Active time is dependent on the relationship that the viewer develops with the work. Christie’s concept of complexity through the inclusion of active and passive time as a catalytic element in the paintings, finds the perfect partner in her urban subjects which are naturally founded on the complex relationships of the urban citizen and urban politics. Website:

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