Line of Life

Steven Dragonn | He Guirui | Qiangli Liang | Liu Yi | Sara Tse | Sand Wan

Aug 10 - Sep 24

Opening Reception: 2:30pm - 6:00pm, Aug 13, 2016

Curator: Sen Wong

Vancouver, BC - Viridian Gallery is proud to present Line of Life - Group exhibition of works by He Guirui, Dragonn, Qiangli Liang, Liu Yi, Sand Wan, and Sara Tse. Curated by Sen Wong, the exhibits include black and white photography, bronze sculptures; ceramics installations and black and white engraved print series, and ink on rice paper series.

The artists’ works are prepared around the concepts of balancing, loss, uncertainty, misplacement, and incomplete overlapping. The keywords for this exhibition are to explore. The artists use their works to guide the audience quietly and calmly through these themes and to arouse their concern. We group these works together because of their commonality, subtlety, precision of execution, pursuit of simplicity and frank attitude towards self awareness.

The artists' inner spirit and their passion to create are realized in their specific forms of presentation that are truthfully dedicated to the perception and appreciation of the audiences. To properly appreciate contemporary works of art, one needs to open one's heart, attitude as well as tolerance. To nurture a moment of quietness, purity and freedom, then given it enough imagination, one will easily meet up with the artists spiritually and emotionally.

He Guirui was graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He lives and works in Guangzhou China and Holland. He Guirui is an active female artist and has participated in numerous contemporary art exhibitions at home and abroad. She is sensitive to experiences especially the various ups and downs of her inner world. She roasts and carves on black and white paper and black and white prints, detailing descriptions and recording marks that are in her mind. Her paintings are quiet, like flowing through the screen of her mental state. She believes that everything in the universe is in a closed loop. Raw information and emotions are forever immortal. She tries recording monumental moments in life, the universe and traces of communication of living beings in her paintings,. She tries to present her Zen environment and believes that abstract art and Zen are closely connected. Zen painting is an inner enlightenment that one can explore.

Qiangli Liang’s bronze sculptures explore the concepts of loss, weight loss, uncertainty and displacement. He immigrated to the Netherlands in 1990's and was in a completely different culture for more than 20 years. Cultural identity and impacts arising from old and new immigrants are his issues. He chooses a quiet, introspective and a roundabout way to express. Liang thinks that through a specific model he can meet the demand of his own feelings, to convert it to another force as well as to soothe his soul. His sculptures are his way to seek inherent aesthetic needs and to express his emotions through a physical medium. He studied printmaking and oil painting but sculptural form creation remains his favorite creativeart form. He believes that his own body can produce the most accurate expression and can restore the essence to the body as well. The relationships amongst the bones, muscles and skin bring out the endless rhythm of life. It is these relationships that trigger his boundless passion and inspiration. These relationships, if including too many details, will distract the attention of the audience. The choice of what to include is luxurious to make. He says, "the creative process is like walking a tightrope, there are passion and reasoning , dynamic and static, just and gentle. It is like walking between man and God, you are asked to concentrate and maintain the ability to adjust the balance continuously because you are not allowed to fall down."

Steven Dragonn was graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and with a master's degree from France after graduated from the University of Paris East Film and Media Arts. He lives and works in Guangzhou, China and Vancouver. Dragonn also works as a curator of contemporary art. In recent years, he uses black and white and "non-linear" as the core concept of his photography. His early years of studying in France were on film-related subjects. He wrote in his essay, "non-linear ", that non-linear is a fact of life that corresponds to " linear ", only that art will attempt to break the linear photography. "These moments of my life are on a linear track. I have no idea whether they will play any "decisive" role. These fragments style a "non-linear" spread and again in a few years' time , may become parts of a linear reorganization of my life. "

Liu Yi is an artist and an independent curator. He graduated from the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts; and became a teacher at the Academy. Now he lives in Vancouver, Canada. Liu has been engaged in editing and publishing books, art prints and paintings. He has participated in many important exhibitions and published many articles and papers. In this exhibition Liu presents a set of abstract ink paintings. He says that balancing is a kind of behavioral act. It is the reaction to a moment of losing balance as well as an experimental record of that moment of time, He describes his works as a linear game of abstract ink work between black and white because there will always be conflict as where you position it on the balance.

Based in Hong Kong, Sara Tse holds a MFA from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia and participated in the Art Basel International Art Fair many times. Most recently, Tse collaborated with Louis Vuitton in their Time Traveller 2014 exhibition at the Hong Kong flagship store art gallery and was previously a participant at the 2006 MOCA Envisage, Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai. She was a recipient of the Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition award. Clay Play II centred on the theme of motherhood and explored Sara Tse’s transition from being her mother’s daughter to her daughter’s mother. In recent years, Tse has experienced the loss of both of her parents and the birth of her children; tragedy and joy mixed together to inform her creative process. Like precious memories captured in picture frames, Sara Tse’s sculptures are records of her life. While reconstructing forgotten childhood and portraying nostalgic longing for her mother’s stories, Tse now looks to tell a story as a mother.

Sand Wan was born in Hong Kong and graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic with a foundation of design certificate. He moved to Richmond, British Columbia in the mid 1990s and has been actively involved in developing his self-taught practice. Guei Hou is a new series of work by Sand Wan. By shaping an Instagram shot to Snap, a social-media photographer realizes the impact of framing has on an image. Sand Wan’s photographs is a negotiation between what you see versus what you know. By purely looking at the images, one may pick up hints of the actual subject here and there, but with no specific title to refer to, the viewers are free to experience the abstractions and compositions in their minds. The audience’s active participation truly allows a rich interaction between the imagery and the beholder. The title of his new series alludes to the actual subject being photographed - in this instance, knowledge of a language and geography will greatly impact one's own experience with what is being presented. The viewers will experience one thing yet their minds may stubbornly see what they want to see. The need is to understand what it sees. This reminds us that once again the medium of photography has the capability of making us to question the realities of seeing versus the realities of knowing.

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