Off Course

Alison Shields

Oct 06 - Nov 26

Opening Reception: 6:00pm - 9:00pm, Oct 06, 2016

Off Course represents a series of paintings and collages made by Alison Shields over the past five years. Shields describes her work as self-generative as she explores abstraction through an ongoing process of painting, tracing, cutting, collaging, re-priming and re-painting. Through this process the paintings continue to evolve over the course of several years and allude to the multiple trajectories that emerge through art making. Each of these works is characterized by several turning points wherein the work changed courses, went in a new direction and allowed new forms to surface. They reveal the process of their making through the traces that are exposed, those that are covered and those that are transformed throughout the layers of edits, cuts, fragmentation and reconstruction.

Alison Shields received a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Coloumbia. She is currently a PhD Candidate in Art Education at the University of British Columbia. Her doctoral research explores creative processes, material practices, artistic research and the relationship between thinking and making through studio work. She has exhibited her paintings, drawings and collages across Canada and participated in several artist residencies, including an upcoming residency at Quest University in Squamish, BC.

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