Clay Play II

Sara Tse 谢淑婷

Sep 12 - Oct 31

Opening Reception: 2:00pm - 6:00pm, Sep 12, 2015

Today’s global village has entered the era of rapid images of migration, with the meld of global politics and economics, and the rise of unprecedented, frequent, East-West cultural collisions; and as a representational city of great migration Vancouver is where East-West and new and old cultures alternate; playing an important role in the global stage, this city draws closer individuals and their societies, breaks boundaries of the ethnic, regional, and national, and fosters the spiritual exchanges between communities. In the present day, images are not only important objects of daily life, but also the raw materials of creation for artists. The creation of contemporary art is not only a mechanical reproduction of images, but to express the process of the inner conceptual thoughts, to capture a variety of imprints in various forms to express to the audience a rich, felt experience of the mind.

Image: Untitled 33 and Untitled 38

Renowned artist Sara Tse (谢淑婷), based in Hong Kong, many time participant of Art Basel International Art Fair, previous collaborator with Louis Vuitton in their “Time Traveller” show shown at their Hong Kong flagship store art gallery, previous participant in the design of the Shanghai Biennale, is showing for the first time in Canada, and hopes that viewers can through the works experience with the artist an intellectual exchange, taking viewers through time to experience the attraction of time and space.

Tse often uses material and expressive techniques to break through tradition; over the years, illustration, language, material, and technical handling has changed and shaped her own style, allowing objects of her everyday life to become clay, and enter the kiln; after the fires die down become white porcelain, porcelain and object alike echoing one another through the transformation. Utilizing different methods of visual language to bring the audience to a special place in time, this place has precious freeze frames of memories; gentle, lingering, refreshing and apprehensive daydreams; as well as reflections on life. In recent years, Tse has experienced the loss of both parents, the birth of children; tragedy and joy mix together to inform this creative process. Her art is a record of life, reconstruction of forgotten childhood, or by the remembrance from viewing old objects tells her mother’s story. “Clay Play II” is based on the theme of motherhood, from present to future.

In her own words, Tse has written: “Time fades in a moment, nobody can hold time. However, remembrances are not constrained, the sweetness of memory can be repeated many times. Unstopping repetition could change things so they are not true; objects act as evidence of the past, turning what has disappeared into reality. As a child, my mother would make clothes for me; when she left for work, I had a teddy bear as my play companion. The clothes and teddy bear made me feel very warm. As a mother, I want children to feel this warmth. When I am playing games in the mud with them, I am creating, from Hong Kong to Vancouver, turning their cast-off clothes and teddy bears into white porcelain, so that even as the objects fade as time fades, with our fingers we leave behind white porcelain footprints, leaving behind something we can rely on in our passing of this joyful time. One day I may even forget myself, or vanish from this world. however, the teddy bear hidden in a child’s heart will still offer them warmth and encouragement, in continuing to face their path in life.”

This exhibition invites the renowned artist Sara Tse, sponsored exclusively by ASPAC, organized by the Viridian Gallery, and curated by Sen Wong, offers an exhibition experience perfectly combining the essence of art and the every day, from September 12th to October 31st, in Vancouver. The artist will be in attendance at the opening reception to interact with the public.

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