Greta Ho / Guirui He / Guo, Mengyao / Huang, Zhirong / Lin, Han Chang John / Qiangli Liang / Liu, Yi / Steven Dragonn

Jan 05 - Feb 05

Opening Reception: 3:00pm - 6:00pm, Jan 05, 2017

Curator: Sen Wong

When the concept of global integration under the impact of identity, geographical, temporal, cultural, linguistic interfaces are blurred, the need for a fusion of human conflict, balance and confrontation with the harmonious integration of the media. The "Coordinate - Contemporary Artist Invitational Exhibition" shows a couple of local Chinese artists who settled in Vancouver, Canada, and a few contemporary Chinese artists from the Pearl River Delta. Exhibition works include oil painting; sculpture; engraving; photography; ink paper and other types of material works. Eight artists ranging in age from 50 to 90, they have a very good traditional arts education, have the East and the West in different parts of the life experience, with a wide range of artistic expression, the face of living and homeland; And resistance; a variety of realistic cultural conflicts and contradictions tangled, agglutination sublimation to form a new thinking values. From the Chinese traditional culture into the East and West blend of decades of migration experience to today's Internet era today, they are living in the present look to the future, with their wonderful life experiences and art forms of painting free bloom. Through the appreciation of these works, the audience can understand and feel different identity, geography, space-time, language and cultural background of the artist's mental history.

Viridian Gallery is located by the sea in Coal Harbour Quay in the heart of Vancouver. The gallery was established in late 2014, and has drawn considerable attention since opening. The gallery has a goal of promoting contemporary artists, and offers a space for social interaction, exchange of ideas, and a space of imagination. Viridian Gallery works with local artists, and approaches each artistic work with earnestness, with the goal of supporting and recognizing the labour of artists. At the forefront of the boundaries of East-West cultural exchange in Vancouver, the gallery closely follows the development of contemporary art. Through these exhibitions and artistic exchange opportunities, the gallery provides support for local artists through research, exhibition, promotion, collection, and other such activities. For further information regarding the exhibition, please visit the website:, or phone 604-568-3377, or e-mail

Promoting contemporary artwork in the exclusive neighbourhood of Coal Harbour, developing markets of local emerging and established artists and bringing attention to established art world figures internationally.

2015 Viridian Gallery Design
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